Welcome to the family

Amazing location

House Mihajlovic is an old captains house on the island of Lopud. Lopud is a part of beautiful Dubrovnik archipelago called the Elaphite islands, situated north-west from Dubrovnik’s port. You will find your new home on a two thousand meters square large parcel, only 5 minutes walking distance from the bay of Lopud.

 4 stars apartments

Apartment Dino and apartment Beti on the first floor easily fit four people, while a small room at the ground floor is perfect for two. If there you need more space, have a look at Villa Aska, newly built and modernly furnished stone house with large terrace. Villa Aska is placed just next to the family house and we find it ideal for up to six guests.

The view of the Lopud Bay

All apartments have a great view of the bay of Lopud. If you take a walk between the olive trees above the house, prepare to be amazed.

Flowers, trees and organic garden

Have a walk through the garden and pick some organic seasonal fruit and vegetables. Enjoy in peace and tranquility between orange trees, olive trees, roses, Mediterranean and tropical flowers. Special charm to the garden give King Sago palms, second oldest trees in the world.