Lopud is only 50 minutes ride by ferry from Dubrovnik

Welcome to Lopud Island

Jadrolinija ferry to Lopud Island takes only 50 minutes

Lopud Island is a part of beautiful Dubrovnik archipelago called the Elaphite islands, situated north-west from Dubrovnik’s port. It takes only 50 minutes to reach it with the Jadrolinija ferry boat from the Port of Gruz (Dubrovnik).

Private transportation to Lopud Island

If you come with a car, you can leave it in Trsteno or Brsečine, from where a ferry boat or a speed boat can be organised for you. If you contact us, we’ll be more than happy to arrange you the transportation to Lopud bay at affordable price. Also, we cooperate with an agency which organizes private transfers with taxi and speedboat from Dubrovnik Airport directly to Lopud.

Perfect romantic & family destination

Cars are forbidden on the island, which makes it a perfect place to stay for those searching for clean air and peace. There are several restaurants, coffee bars, food stores, souvenir shops, a surgery, primary school, post office, etc.

Have the holiday you want

Lots of great activities

Great base for day trips

Lopud Island is a perfect spot for everyone who want to see and feel Dubrovnik but have some peace and quiet. You can use Lopud as a base for day trips to Kolocep, Sipan, Dubrovnik, Cavtat… using public transportation at very affordable prices.

For adventure seakers

You can go for kayaking, drive a speedboat, hiking, biking, pedaling, jogging, yoga… It’s a really small island but with so much to do! We have all the contacts and Lopud maps so if you need any help, we are here!

For the lazy ones

Many our guest simply decide to spend most of the day sitting on a terrace with a good book and a great view or resting and swimming on one of Lopud’s amazing beaches.

Famous Lopud Seaman Miho Pracat

Close to Dubrovnik but far away from all the fuss

Amazing location

 Natural sand beaches

What makes Lopud Island especially attractive touristic place are its sand beaches; two located in the Lopud bay, while the amazing Sunj beach is spreading across the whole Sunj bay on the other side of the island, one third of which is reserved for nudists.  It is a perfect place for families with small children, since the knee deep water reaches as far as 100 meters from the coast. There are small caffe bars / fish and chips restaurants placed next to the beach, so you can grab a snack and refreshment any time.

Small private beaches

For those who do not like sand beaches, there are several places in the Lopud bay with flat rocks, where you can lay down on a towel, with an easy access to the crystal clear sea.

For fans of culture

From Greece to Modern Ages

A bit of Lopud history

A story says that after noticing how the reefs, rocks and islands scattered northwest of Dubrovnik form a beautiful shape of a deer (Elaphus), the Greeks named them Elaphite Islands. Lopud, being the island placed between the other two inhabited Islands Šipan and Kolocep, was called Insula media, the Middle Island. Even though the Island is only 4 kilometre square large it has been an island of captains providing Dubrovnik Republic with many highly reputed seamen, Miho Pracat probably being the most famous of them. In 15th century Lopud was at one point even greater than Dubrovnik, with more than thousand inhabitants, who owned more than 80 great ships and a shipyard.

Lopud today

The remains of Lopud’s rich past can still be seen in aristocratic summer manors and fortifications, such as family villa and the remains of a gothic duke’s castle. The strength and greatness of the Catholic Church on Lopud throughout the history can be easily seen simply by visiting one of more than thirty churches and chapels on the island, some of them dating from early-medieval times. There are also Franciscan and Dominican monasteries, with many valuable art works of Pietra da Giovanni, Nikola Bozidarevic, Girolama da Santacroce and many others.